IMG_8760Paul Darvasi is a high school English and media studies teacher based in Toronto, Ontario. He is a lifelong gamer who holds a Master’s degree in Educational Technology (MET) and is a PhD candidate in York University’s Language, Culture and Teaching program with a research focus on video games and education. He designed The Ward Game and is currently co-designing Blind Protocol, an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) to instruct high school students on privacy and surveillance. His case studies on The Ward Game and Gone Home will be published in an upcoming book from ETC Press.

He is co-director of the Toronto Student Film Festival,  an active member of the IGDA Learning and Education Games Special Interest Group, and on the advisory board for GameTrain Learning. He speaks, writes and consults on teaching and learning with educational games.


Twitter: @pauldarvasi

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  1. John says

    great stuff every one should have a read on this for future education of the school system. Keep it going Paul wonderful .

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